Saturday, June 27, 2009

Graduation Party...

We had a graduation party for Middle Born this past Wednesday, June 24. It had to be a Wednesday because that is the only full day he has off work. When you are a chef, your weekends belong to the restaurant. He did all of the cooking, and First Born and I assembled, and assembled, and assembled...for six hours we assembled. Whew! What a lot of work. I was glad to go to my actual job the next day. I knew it would be less stressful, cooler, and way less work. Because we were soooo busy, I completely forgot to take pictures. I cannot believe that I have NO pictures of the entire day. What a poor excuse for a mother I am!
I guess I'll just have to try and remember what we made...
*crab and mango empanadas
*prosciutto with pineapple and gorganzola cheese on chiabatta toast
*chorizo with sweet melons
*bacon wrapped Medjool dates on polenta
*greek-style quesadillas
*asian pesto-grilled chicken skewers
*butternut cashew pohpiahs
*crabmeat beggar's purses
*spicy chinese five-spice-rubbed chicken wings
*fried crab wontons
*chocolate drizzled cream puffs
*tres leches cake
*lettuce salad with strawberries, salted almonds and raspberry dressing
*fresh fruit
*cranberry raspberry punch
It was all so very yummy. I really enjoy helping him with these special dinners. I take directions very well, and now that he's been working in the field awhile, he gives directions very well. He has a real nice way of telling or showing you how to do something without yelling, belittling or making you feel stupid.
We were still scrambling to get things finished when guests started arriving, so we didn't get to talk to everyone, especially Andy, the one the party was for. He got to spend time with his friends after the party though, they had a bonfire and s'mores and lots of alcoholic beverages.
Dad and I did ALL the clean-up. There was a whole lot of oil used that day. Yuck! Thank you keep your end of the deal.
So, even without pictures, it was a very fine day.
Congratulations Andy!