Sunday, September 5, 2010

Crabby face…

Another picture of Little Bit…he has such a nasty look, but he really is pretty sweet, when he wants to be, when Andy is home, and he’s been fed, and he’s being held nicely, and not being irritated, or having his nails cut, or medicine put on his kitty acne, etc.

Just kidding…he realy is a nice cat!

P1010715 P1010717 P1010719

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Teen life stuff…

Remember when you moved away from home for the first time? What did you pack to take with you? Just the things you thought were important, right? How about all the stuff you collected while growing up? The dolls, drawings, crafts, scout badges, projects, hot wheels, stuffed animals, cards, high school letters and awards. I’ll bet you left them home for Mom to deal with, because you really didn’t want to take all that old junk with you to your new place. I’ll also bet Mom saved it all for you, in boxes, or plastic bins just in case you wanted to look through it when you had kids of your own. Actually, I’ll bet she just couldn’t part with any of it and thought that you wouldn’t be able to either. I know this is what my Mom did, and I am really happy she hung on to it all because it has been a lot of fun to look through the boxes and report cards and art work and things that I thought were so, so, important at one time.

So, I have packed plastic bins with Kira and Andy’s stuff. Kira, being a girl, has WAY more stuff than Andy will ever, ever, ever have. They wanted to keep all their college books and papers which makes perfect sense also anything that they just didn’t know what to do with, only they knew they didn’t want to toss it and they wouldn’t be able to take it along. High school is a big part of what makes a person who they are and a lot of that had to be saved. I had already planned on keeping things from their childhood, because that just sparks so many memories when you look through it, especially with your own children. I was kind of hoping that they would take all this other stuff though, but really, is there ever enough room in an apartment? Just so they know that as soon as they sign the purchase agreement on their first home, I’m carrying these bins to the truck, driving on over and delivering their ‘life’ to them. 

Now all I need to do is clean, sort and rearrange my own stuff so I can fit in their stuff. At least I’ll get to that gross kind of cleaning that always gets put off until a cold winter day. Someday I’ll have a clean house. hahahahahahaha

 P1010707 P1010711 P1010714

Oh, I almost forgot…many, many, extra cords and such!


Saturday, September 4, 2010

Little Bit…

Poor Kira, we save the yucky jobs for her! Just kidding, we can actually do them ourselves, it just takes 10 times longer.

Seriously, whenever Kira is around, we ask her to cut the cats nails. She is young and still has close-up vision so she is able to see the nail, get the clippers around it and clip before they pull their paw away. It’s quite amusing when David and I tackle their nails, he holds the cat, I take OFF my glassed, get real close to their paw and slowly get the nail in the clipper. By this time, they start squirming and it’s only the first nail, we have nine more to go. I’m making this sound much worse than it is, but it really does go so, so, so much smoother when she does it.

Still, Little Bit doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself…(Andy, where are you?! Little Bit stays still way better when you hold him!)

P1010670 P1010671 P1010672 P1010673 P1010674

Just look at that face, if looks could kill…I think someone would be in for it!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Cell phones…


Having Kira come for a visit after nearly three months in Arizona didn’t seem a bit strange. I was getting nervous about her visiting, thinking the house was a pit and I hadn’t gotten things done that I should have in three months time, the usual thing that I go through whenever anybody comes over, (I’m just weird like that). But really, it felt like she had never been gone. The only thing that I can attribute this to is…the Cell Phone! It’s so nice to be able to text or talk anytime I want. I absolutely LOVE texting, because I can text a comment like ‘Eric…OMG!’ and more than likely she will know what I’m talking about. My older sisters don’t text, one doesn’t even have a cell phone, but if she did, she wouldn’t text either. They think it’s too impersonal, a person should call and talk, not text. Well, neither of them have children, and they just don’t get it.

I have a feeling letting her get on the plane tonight to fly back to Arizona is going to be harder than I’m anticipating, although it went a whole lot smoother getting both her and Andy to their new places than I had thought too, I’m gonna keep my fingers crossed nevertheless.

A conversation I had via text with Andy today, was about school loans, transferring money and ended up with changing my depends when I’m OLD…think about it. hahahahaah

So it is now 3:40 on Friday, September 3, 2010, Kira is having coffee with a friend, I am typing, David and Ethan are getting electrical stuff for the basement. I have No Name steaks thawing for dinner that I have to have ready by 5:30 at the very latest. We need to leave for the airport by 6:00 and her plane leaves at 8:40. It will be quite a few months before I see her again, and I’m not sure when I’ll  see Andy. Thanksgiving and Christmas should really suck this year, but they are only as far away as a phone call, or in my case, a  text!