Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Answer my cell phone???

I painfully learned a lesson today. You’ve heard people say, ‘What’s the use of having a cell phone if you never answer it?’ Ever since we’ve had a cell phone, my kids have asked me that question. I usually just sort of laugh it off, giving one excuse or another. Or I ignore the call or text, thinking that I will just call back or text back later. I just always assume that there is no real problem, and that they just want to tell me something they saw, or want. I never think that there is something wrong!

Well, last night Kira text me that she wanted to tell me about her trip to Sedona when she got off work at 9:30. I was really tired and I was already in bed and it was 9:30 my time, which meant I would need to stay awake another hour and then listen to her story. I told her I would be asleep by then (which I was) and that I would have my phone glued to me the next day. She said she would call me the next day.

I had some errands to run, and I had my phone turned on high. No call. I finished the errands, came home, changed and started working outside with my phone on high. No call. Now, on every other day, she would have already called me. I took a break from yard work to have some lunch and while eating I gave her a call. No answer, so I left a message. I finished lunch and went outside to continue working. I kept checking my phone to make sure I didn’t miss her call or text, and nothing! I called her again and left another message. I sent her a text. After several hours of this, I told Ethan about it and he tried calling. Nothing! Now I’m starting to get really nervous. If she rarely called or text, I would have thought she just didn’t feel like calling, or forgot all about it, but she calls and texts several times a day. This was just not like her. I finally quit working for the day and took a bath, trying her phone again. I even left a message on Facebook. Nothing. It was now time to leave for bells with David. I told him what was going on and that I was scared something bad had happened, and my next plan was to start calling Arizona hospitals. I was thinking all sorts of horrible things and near tears. We hung up and I was trying to get dried off and dressed when my phone rang. I thought it was David with some news…it was not.

It was Kira! Finally calling because she saw my text. My text that I had left hours ago. She had been out with a friend at a movie and had her phone turned to silent. Geez! I was angry and mad and relieved all at once. She was out having a good time and not dead, or kidnapped or in a hospital, admitted as a Jane Doe.

I told David that she had been out with a friend, and had her phone on silent and you know what he said????? ‘You have to let her go sometime’. MEN are such dolts!!! THAT was not why I was upset…I was upset because I was afraid she hurt or in trouble or worse yet, dead!

Lesson learned? Keep my phone near me, turned up loud enough that I can hear it when it’s sitting in my purse. Answer when they call, and return the texts. I can’t assume that a call or text may be unimportant, or routine when it could be something much, much, more! Thank God this time it was just a ‘New friend’.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

1500 miles...

David and I spent over two hours on Skype talking to Andy and Kira tonight, and Ethan joined us for a while at the end. We got to do a three-way conference call. It was pretty cool. The unfortunate thing about this is that the conference calling isn't free. I'm not sure yet if we all have to pay for it, or if just one account is needed. I guess I'll have to check this out.
I google mapped the driving directions from Andy's apartment to the Phoenix Zoo and the miles they quoted me was 1570 miles. That is one heck of a long ways apart, but through the miracle of technology, we were all able to see one another. We were even able to take a screen snapshot, and I just may have to use it as our Christmas cards. Both kids took us on a tour of their apartments by walking their laptops around with the webcam capturing their everyday lives.
I really thought I was taking their absence quite well, considering that this is the first that Andy has lived away from home, and Kira and I did tons of things together when she was home. I realized that wasn't true two weeks ago at choir practice. We were singing a Christmas song, 'Gloria in Excelsis Deo' and I got to that line and couldn't sing anymore. I was immediately transported to one of the pews in the front of Parkway UCC, on Christmas Eve, standing with Andy to my right and Kira to my left and we were singing that song, and the lower part of my mouth started to quiver and I got tears in my eyes. Geez, I'm not certain that I will be able to sing any of the Christmas Carols. Thank God I don't have to sing 'O Holy Night', because even though I sang it as a solo several times, the duet that Kira and I sang was very, very special, not to mention, really, really fun to do. This will be a year of change for the Christmas Eve service. We have a new minister, and taking out 'O Holy Night' and maybe the pageant will be something totally different, which I think needs to happen. We'll come up with something quite special and beautiful and meaningful to give people peace and comfort. I'm looking forward to hopefully being able to brainstorm some ideas for a superb service.
Andy's plane arrives Christmas Eve morning and of course I will be at work. I won't get to see him until he walks into church that evening, unless of course, he stops by the hospital to say hi on his way home from the airport.
We plan on Skyping Kira Christmas Eve, if I had an iPhone, I could Skype the church service too, maybe Andy could!!