Thursday, March 1, 2012

Andy Baby...

I took a fair amount of photos of my children when they were young, but no where near what I would take if they were young now. It's so easy to take hundreds of photos in a very short time with digital cameras, and  even smart phones.
But one thing that makes film so cool is that you have to wait and be patient for days before you can see how your photo session went, sometimes a little patience is a good thing.
While I LOVE being in a dark room and manipulating my own photos, using that wonderful paper that gives such deep, dark blacks, the paper that makes the photo look so deep I could stick my finger in it, I love even more being able to get instant gratification and see my photos Now!. (for me, black and white is harder to achieve with digital than film, but then, I'm not very good with my camera).

This is my favorite photo of my second child, my oldest son Andy.
Notice all the texture in the photo...that's natural layering here. ha!
He's looks so sweet and innocent and vulnerable. Look at his fingers and toes and little up-turned nose his blue eyes and soft hair, his sweet mouth...sigh...sniff
I get a pain in my chest, a lump in my throat and tears in my eyes every time I look at this photo.