Wednesday, November 16, 2011


When my youngest son moved out, nearly the first thing he said was that he wanted to get a dog. I tried to nonchalantly talk him out of it.

Dogs live a long time.
Dogs are expensive.
Dogs need shots.
Dogs need their teeth cleaned.
Dogs may not like other dogs.
Dogs may not be allowed to live in certain places.
Dogs can't be left alone for long periods.

He and his room mates were at the Humane Society looking around and had their hearts melt when they met a young Pit bull. He made sure he could touch the dog all over, put his fingers in his mouth, hold him on the floor, pick him up, all the normal things that people do to and with their pets. (or Should be able to do). He then called his sister, the zookeeper from the Phoenix Zoo, asking for some advice on whether he should get a dog or not. She tried very hard to talk him out of it. (her cat just had a urinary tract infection that cost her A LOT) Telling him how much work it would be and how expensive it could be. Well, no one has ever been able to talk my son out of anything he has mind set on.

Meet my new Grand dog, Kilo. (he won over both Annie and Oliver...he'll need to work on Little-Bit)
As I have been told, he and his room mate Dana have joint custody.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Andy was home for a visit last week for a few days, and now he's gone. He and Lauren flew to Springfield Mo., to find an apartment, then she stayed there and started work, while he flew back to Cincinnati to get her car so he could drive it home and deliver it to her parents (it was their car anyway). He got here Wednesday, November 2, and was busy every moment of the day, except for the time he was asleep, and flew back to Cincinnati on Saturday, November 5.
Lauren flew back also so they could finish packing all of their belongings into a POD to be stored for 6 months.  I have a feeling they worked like dogs all Monday to get things finished, ate one last dinner in the city they called Home for the last 17 months, then hopped in their cars and headed out on their new adventure at midnight that same night.
The apartment they found is fully furnished, Fully furnished, everything but their clothes, food and toiletries. Wow! They brought along their electronics too...of course.
I'm assuming he is frantically looking for a job, seeing as how he has lotsssss of bills to pay and no money coming in. I haven't called to find out how that is working out yet...I don't want to jinx anything.

I miss him.
I wish he was here in Minnesota.
I want him to be happy.
I'm not entirely certain he is. (that could just be the Mom in me thinking)
I miss him.

I've learned that it is very, very hard to not put my nose into the lives of my children. I'm sure they would think that I do,, (even though I really, really want to sometimes)
I do make suggestions, and offer stories, and alternatives though. Just so they can have other options to think about while they are wondering what the heck to do with their lives.

They are at a point in their lives where they don't have anything holding them anywhere, so if they get a chance to move to a different state or even country, or heck, even try a new career, they should go for it. Once they get married and have children, they won't be so easily able to move around.

My advice to my children...

Be happy
Enjoy your work
Don't be afraid to show your feelings
Be forgiving
Twirl in circles
Lay in the grass
Find animals in the clouds
Have sympathy
Have empathy
Take care of your body (you won't get another)
Be kind to yourself
Go for walks
Exercise home...with abandon
Hold hands with someone special
Take time off to do Nothing
Call your Mother
More your Father
Believe in God
Believe in ghosts
Believe in yourself
Just believe
Have fun
Be a child
Have confidence
Be happy

I love you all so much it hurts!