Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I is soooo happy! First born GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yippee, yahoo, she gets to play with doggies all day, and get hairy, and licked.
Congratulations Bugs!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Art Fair...

Firstborn and I went to the Loring Park Art Fair this past saturday, Aug. 8. We had planned on getting an early start and going to Powderhorn, but as I was getting ready to leave, the sky turned dark as the clouds rolled in and it poured, so we waited awhile, the clouds rolled out, the sky turned blue and the temp. rose about 15 degrees while the humidity went to 90%, yuk. I needed gas as my car was on empty, and when I tried to get on the freeway, the exit ramps were closed, so I tried one further south, but it was closed too, then I realized the southbound freeway itself was closed for bridge painting/repair, geez, so I had to call and ask for directions. I finally got started and saw parts of the city I have never seen before, very pretty, redone areas, and lots and lots of stop lights. I was paying close attention for my turnoff, and passed a Jimmy Johns that looked just like the one near her house, and ended up at least a mile too far. I once again had to call for help. She made me drive to Target and STAY there while she came to my rescue. We finally got going 3 hours after the time we initially agreed upon, and took the shuttle bus to the Fair. It was so hot and sticky and no good food at that Fair, so when we got back on the bus to go to Powderhorn, it was getting late and I needed to pick up Middle Child from the airport, and we were starving...so we got our car and went to eat at The Neighborhood Cafe at 1570 Selby Ave. in St. Paul. Oh, my! It was fabulous. I got 2 pancakes, 2 eggs overeasy, 2 bacon and she got 2 french toast, 2 eggs overeasy, 2 bacon. That was the best I've ever eaten, and we snarfed it down. It would have tasted heavenly even if we hadn't been starving. Eventhough the day didn't turn out quite like we had planned, we got to spend time together, good time, and eat good food.

Viva Las Vegas...

Middle Child and his girlfriend took a little vacation to Las Vegas from Aug 5-Aug 8. We got up at 4:30 to get ready to drive them to the airport by 5:00. Their flight didn't leave until 7:00, but you have to get there in plenty of time, you know. I mentioned to him that he might want to call the Credit union when they opened and let them know that he would be in Las Vegas, using his credit card, so they wouldn't STOP his account because of suspicious activity. (I got this idea from a woman I work with. She had a friend that went to the middle east, where she grew up and still had family, and had her account stopped, because the bank thought someone was using her account without her knowledge). Well, suffice it to say that he didn't call, it left my mind, so I didn't call, and YES, they DID stop his account. Murphy's Law...we're very close. But, they had a great time anyway, lost money gambling, spent a gob on food, played in Mandalay Bay. Next time they'd like to see some shows. They were a little shocked at how very expensive everything was. Shar said she remembers (quite a time ago) being able to get .99 buffets.

I picked them up on Saturday evening when we were having a heatwave. It was near 90 and probably 90% humidity, with NO wind. I got there a little early and ended up going around the pickup loop 6 times before they got out of the airport and they said it was SO much hotter here than it was there. Minnesota gets very humid in the summer thanks to our 10,000 + lakes.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Angel voices...

Our church, Parkway UCC http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.parkwayuccminneapolis.org%2F&h=11ad0cc6ecc5f667eb45b251772de168 has a choir that sings from September through May, and during the summer months while the choir has a vacation, people volunteer to sing, play piano, organ, or give a reading, today was Firstborn's day. Our choir director, Bonnie, is a person you just can't say no to. We go to Papa's Pizza in May to celebrate a year well done, and she has her trusty clipboard ready with blanks by all the summer sundays. All she has to do is pass it around and it gets filled in, and if she doesn't see your name, she will hound you until you give in and sign up. Firstborn told her to fill her name in where ever she needed it, and to pick out a good song for her to sing.
She sang 'Come Unto Him' from Handel's Messiah. Oh my, I wish you could have heard it, I had tears in my eyes. First of all, I hear the singing, then I realize that the beautiful sound I'm hearing is coming from MY daughter. The beautiful, high, soprano voice, hmmm. She needed to leave the service shortly after singing, and I got to receive ALL her many, many complements. Most everyone said her singing brought tears to their eyes...good ones. God saw fit to bless her with a wonderful gift.